Educational Resources for your Preschooler

There are some really great technology based educational resources out there for your preschool-aged child. Here is a list of some resources that may be helpful for your child.

Free Resources:

  1. Funbrain Jr. is a website that is part of The Family Education Network, and it is designed to help younger children with math, literacy, and problem solving skills through various games and stories. The website offers printables that can be used at home as well.
  2. Starfall is an educational website that helps young children with early literacy skills including alphabet recognition and early reading. They offer many free decodable books for the early reader that can be completed on the computer or printed out at home. Parents can also pay for subscription to the service in order to receive all the educational materials provided on the site.
  3. Enchanted Learning is an educational website that offers printables for children in many different subject areas. Some of the materials are free, but parents can also pay extra per year to gain access to all the materials on the website. This is a great website for homeschoolers or for parents who are looking to supplement their child’s learning.
  4. National Geographic Kids is a free site where children can play games and watch videos about animals and nature. They also have a magazine subscription service that includes age appropriate articles as well as games.